Matthew 21 tells the story of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem on a donkey. It is interesting to read that the disciples had to go and untie the donkey from a certain spot. That means someone tied the donkey there.

That someone is not named but he or she played an important role in God’s kingdom. Accolade, especially the accolades of men, does not equate to heavy impact on an eternal scale. Simple obedience to God’s little instructions can lead to real greatness!

This individual was part of the fulfillment of a prophetic declaration which had been made hundreds of years before in Isaiah 62. Could this individual be you? Would you obey those simple inspired thoughts that come in the place of private fellowship with God?

Don’t despise your inspiration to do what is perceived as simple, insignificant or even weird. Be led by the Spirit and the Word (the Bible). Spend time with God in the place of prayer and meditation so that you can discern His voice. Then, simply obey!

God gives the best accolades! They last forever. 🙏🏾💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽