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As I sat in a hotel room in Zanzibar and worshipped the Lord for his provision, a thought crossed my mind: “Wouldn’t it be nice to live like this, in the lap of luxury; It would be nice to just chill and have 5-star service available, and to be able to afford it, with change to spare, wouldn’t it?”
Then another thought followed closely: “Enjoying all of this on a daily basis may seem like it, but without a purpose, your life would be meaningless.”

Life without a greater goal, life without a purpose beyond oneself ends up in ruins. So many celebs and ‘super rich’ people thrive on the fact that they give back to society and they use that which they have to make a difference to others on the planet. Others who pursue personal pleasure to the maximum, at the end of the day, still end up with a sour/bitter taste on their lips. It is clearer to me that life without that inner compass that guides one to fulfil a goal or a purpose beyond that of self, is not a life lived to the fullest.

Version 2

My greater purpose is to please My Maker; to bring pleasure to God any and every way He deems fit. I am filled with deep pleasure at making an eternal connection with God, even through simple worship. I do not have to engage in deep spiritual warfare to turn chaos into order because I depend on Him for daily support. I do not have to wrestle the enemy to the ground as God is my shield, and in Him my defense is sure. I pray to remain vitally united with Him, not to yield to temptation or struggle to resist but to overcome by His strength and power. Like Joseph, even though I may be ‘on top of my own world’, I ensure that I do not lose sight of who’s really on top.

My peace remains intact because it is God’s gift to me. I do not strive to earn it, but I walk in it, as I fulfil destiny and purpose on a daily basis. I do not worry about mistakes and/or drawbacks because I know in whom I have believed, that He is able to keep my steadily on the path of righteousness, for His glory, not mine. So I accept His correction, as redirection, so that I do not wander off course in this journey called life.

I celebrate the God who has given my life meaning. I am humbled by His mercy, His love, and His grace. Thank you, Baba!