Many focus on the gifts that they give or receive, which is in line with God’s example; this is the season where His greatest gift to us was delivered. Others focus on the celebration of this precious gift – the Saviour of the world – and spend time singing ‘psalms hymns and spiritual songs, making melodies in their hearts of the Lord’.

I find that this is a season to reflect on my personal connection with this Precious Gift – with Jesus. I find this season a vivid reminder of the sacrifice of a Father, in the bid to save His children. I reflect on my level of appreciation of this Gift, and how I have demonstrated it (or not) over the year. Most often, I am compelled to repent for being distracted by life and undervaluing this Gift, and my gratitude is renewed.

As such, I celebrate yuletide, not in much merriment, but in deep appreciation of the love of my Heavenly Father for me. I give gifts to strangers, to help share this love with them, hoping that they will be reminded of His love as they receive the gifts. I give gifts as an expression of appreciation to those who I have vital connections with, to family and friends, and I trust that our connections are renewed in the spirit of the season.

So when I say ‘happy holidays’ or ‘Merry Christmas’, I truly mean that all should experience and enjoy the real reason for the season.

Merry Christmas!