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The little black dress, the fiery red lips, the hour glass figure and the big brown eyes; the glowing fair skin, legs as long as the heels they stand on, a posture as graceful as a swan across a lake. What is the secret of real beauty?

Is it a combination of all of the above and if I fall short of any, I feel less pretty? Is there more than all of the above and as such, can I dare, can I hope, to think I can truly be beautiful?

A genuine smile that warms the heart, a word in season that soothes the mind, a fresh breath that fosters easy conversation – these are far more beautiful than any shade of red on lips.

Sincere motives that are seen through the eyes, sometimes tears to empathise with another, singleness of sight, not greedy or covetous – these are far more beautiful that any shadow or mascara on oval shaped eyes.

Legs that flee from the house of gossip, walking steadily in the path of righteousness,  feet that are ordered by God’s gentle promptings – these are far more beautiful than long, slim legs in stilettos.

Real beauty is like light in a dark tunnel. Real beauty shines from within and lights up the package that houses our being. In order to glow with unfading beauty, we must fill up on the inside with the secret of purity.

A pure heart grants access to God. Purity of motive attracts divine attention.  Divine attention brings the glory of God. The glory of God brings radiance on your being.

For all who seek to be really beautiful,  I trust this will be a pointer in the right direction.