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I had a short conversation with a friend recently…about a 10 minute chat, just to catch up. It was inspiring.
Inspiring because:
* I observed a ‘heart-for-God’. I heard in his words a strong desire to please God and to spread His word to every corner of the globe…at his own expense.
* I felt the ‘passion-for-God’. As he spoke, he shared a testimony about a lady who has been through ‘the fire’ and is not burnt, by the grace of God. She has lost husband, only brother (and his family) and she still has the heart of a true worshipper. He had that same zeal and enthusiasm to be with the Lord and to please Him, come what may.

As I prayed this morning, I thanked the Lord for my friend and I wondered…would everyone who met me be able to say the same?

I ask you the same question: Would your friends and family be able to say they had one short conversation with you and they were ‘revived’? The bible urges us to set our minds on things above, not on things on the earth. We do live on this planet and we must live successfully. However, it must be clear to all around us that our hearts are with the Lord. Our love for God must shine through in all our endeavours; our lives must be replete with newness of life which should permeate our homes and offices, our churches and playgrounds, our markets and airports, our friendships and marriages.