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In the Secret Place…

The words of a song resonate in my heart from long ago and though I don’t remember all the words these lines reverberate through my thoughts frequently –

‘…And in my secret parts, no other love competes, no rival throne survives, as I serve only You!’

Making the choice to have the Lord as Sole Administrator of your life is indeed a life changing, destiny altering decision.  Knowing that He can choose to lead you across a wilderness for 40 years on a journey that could have taken about 11 days, not necessarily because of your personal rebellion but because of the rebellion of others around you is a humbling thought that should make one cry out in awe and plead – Master, have mercy on me!  Understanding that a storm can arise and cause havoc in the boat of life to others around you because you reject His direction and His specific instructions for lifestyle, leading you into the belly of a whale should encourage you to say – Oh Lord, I yield myself to you.

Making the choice to stay connected to God in this fast-paced society we live in can prove to be a colossal challenge.  Balancing the many facets of our lives as professionals in the physical and as militants in the spirit often doesn’t quite work, resulting in an undulating pattern of passivity and activeness which ever so often frustrates us.  Know this, that flowing from the throne room of God is an endless stream of grace and mercy that is available for the taking!  Choice – the cross that man has to bear – often leads us astray and causes us to wander from paths that have been tried and tested.  In the ‘heat of the moment’ man – a mere mortal walking in the flesh – makes poor choices but by the Spirit of God, divinity becomes our garment and we are able to ‘walk in the Spirit and not fulfil the lusts of the flesh’.

The Spirit of God calls out to all who choose to listen. The call is strong and clear. The call is to ascend into higher levels of intimacy with God, to dig deep wells of living water in this season we are in.  Living springs flow from God and so like Enoch, spending time with God (quality time) will ensure that we walk in the reality of the promises in Psalm 91.

Make the choice not to be swept away by the ‘tsunami’ of the world but to bathe in the waters of the Spirit so that in your heart (in your secret parts) no other love will compete, no rival throne will survive and you will serve only God!

Joy Isa