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Dear Daughters,

Incredible as it may seem to you, my thoughts have wondered in your direction frequently and I shudder at the world you are facing. I look back and see in my mind’s eye the world I faced as a young woman and I fear for your life. I am afraid to let you out even in trusted company, as I am aware of the treachery that roams freely as ‘guys and girls’, waiting to take any who put themselves in the position of prey. Chills run down my spine when I think of the wiles of the devil that have been internalised by the masked sepulchres of human flesh we often call friends. I do weep often and cry out to the God of heaven to give you the strength that I do not have to give you, enabling you to stand in this very interesting world we live in.

I desire so much for you – so much wealth and affluence that you will be in need of nothing! Then I remember that the rich also cry, as they often forget to speak to their maker who made all things possible. Do I then desire poverty for you – so that your needs will drive you to the feet of Jesus? Heaven forbid! I desire grace for you – to have your needs met and more, so that your will have no excesses but you will have an abundance from which to be a blessing.

I desire beauty for you. Not the beauty that radiant skin, full locks of hair, well manicured nails and long lashes add to a well sculptured hour-glass-frame that causes both young men and women to stare with mouths agape, but the beauty of a graceful demeanour; the beauty of a radiant, righteous spirit shinning through the eyes; the beauty of purity and peace that a life filled with the Spirit of Truth exude.

I desire all round wholeness for you – a sense of fulfilment in achieving your God-ordained purpose in the brief time we call life on earth. Knowing that you have come into this world and are on a path towards the set target, the will of God – wow, I so desire that for you! That as an individual you find yourself firmly established on that path and all who come across you as spouse, children, colleagues or mere acquaintances will know they have met a jewel of inestimable value. I desire so much for you that I know I must release you to God to keep safe or my fear alone may attract that which I fear.

So I write to you, to let you know that God has you in the palm of his hand – try not to jump out! God calls you because you belong to him – turn down the noise of society so you can hear his voice. God has a fantastic plan for you – just ask Him, he’ll download the details – not on a high speed link though. God really, really knows you – remember, he sent you to me in the first place!

I end my letter with the words of a wise man who once said, ‘Charm can mislead and beauty soon fades. The woman to be admired and praised is the woman who lives in the fear-of-God!

Be safe!